Friday, 30 March 2012


It’s strange this life-in-limbo I’m now living. 

I have two houses. One here (albeit sold) and a rental over there. One house being lived in and one being mentally planned out. We have furniture in the real world, but I’m packing it all up in my head and deciding where to put things when we get there.

I have Sydney lists and England lists running round in my head – all day, every day. What will we pack? What will we airfreight? What will we ship? I need to order Oliver’s new bed, find a local playgroup, sign him up for classes so he can start to make friends. Must remember to cancel the gym, the electricity, the water. Need to organise goodbye dinners, reply to emails, write my blog.

I have friends to catch-up with in England and friends to say goodbye to in Oz.

I’m only just finding my blogging feet here, but I feel like I’m going to have to start all over again over there.

I’m still enjoying living my current life, whilst constantly thinking about my new one. Feeling more Australian than English. 

It’s exhausting, but exciting. Happy and sad. Full of contradictions and juxtapositions.

I can’t believe in less than four weeks we won’t be here and we’ll already be there.

Have you ever felt divided like this? 


  1. Oh my goodness!

    You're moving?!?!

    Wow! I'm so glad I'll be able to keep up with you here. I hope you have an AMAZING journey. I can't imagine all the lists you must be making in your head.

    I bet you can't WAIT to be with your family!


    1. Yes we are indeed! It's been such a touch decision but in the end family won out and we're heading back home so our children can know what it's like to grow up with their family close by. I know from that post you wrote about your sister that you know what I mean. xx

  2. Oh, totally. I'm in limbo land too, and it's driving me slightly bonkers. One unit we're renting out, a house we're housesitting for my parents while they're away, and a future house in the works. I can't wait until we're all finally settled in 'our' place!

    1. Hi Rhi - thanks so much for commenting. Sounds like you certainly have a busy brain at the moment too. It's quite exhausting isn't it? Hope you get settled soon. x

  3. Hopefully it all works our the way you want & need it too.

  4. I feel the mixed emotions for you Anna, and I hope that the next few months go as smoothly as possible for you. In the end you are following your heart, and I think that is the best thing. I also hope that you keep this blog going, because I would so miss it if you weren't part of the blogosphere, and I'm so glad that you chose to become part of it not all that long ago. xx

  5. Wow!, I'm midst house move at the moment (the first with a child) so can competely empathise, though can't imagine what an overseas move entails. Good luck, it'll be worth every second of hard work xx

  6. Wow - it's such a bizarre time and feeling for you.
    Slightly overwhelming even!

    When I went on a european trip many years ago, my folks were packing their house here in Oz to go home to Ireland.
    I was packing my things for storage - with no idea where I would even live when my trip was over as I would no longer have a 'home'.
    Quite a crazy feeling for a planny plan planner!

    :-) x

  7. Anna, I think as a mom, I always feel like I'm living part-time in the present and part-time in the future. Even when I was pregnant, what ifs and future dreams and plans were running through my brain. Now my future thoughts involve picturing my eldest at different elementary schools, engaged in different activities. Of course, a big move like yours heightens all of this. I really wish you all the best with your move!

  8. Feeling the emotion with you Anna. Crying one day and excited the next. Ordering swings and slides for our new house one day and crying for the things we need to leave behind.

    The worst part for me is that the kids will never remember a minute of being here five years from now. I wish they could take all the memories with them and remember them forever.

    Ok, hope I just didnt damper the mood. Sorry! Yay for Primark!!

  9. YES! I know how you feel. I remember after we'd made the decision to move from London to HK, t was like feeling highs and lows at the same time and feeling not quite sure how to feel about either!! If that makes sense? The journey is half the fun though. Amazing times ahead, amazing memories behind you x

  10. I can only imagine how hard this must be for you Anna, I don't envy it at all. I saw a friend/neighbour go through the relocating to the UK thing just before Christmas and it looked difficult on so many levels... difficult for me too, as I miss her a lot now. Just tick each thing of your list and try not to look too far ahead, take it day by day, you'll get there xo

  11. Good luck on your move and transition! As an expat, I get it. Overseas moves can be stressful - deep breaths :)

  12. Oh I hated that feeling, I found it so unsettling. You sound like you're handling it much better than me! But it's soon over, and you can start settling in to the new life. The limbo phase is important I think, helps you come to terms with the change :-)

  13. Oh, your leaving Aus?! I have just found you! LOL.
    But I guess that is one of the beauties of the internet and todays world - it's much smaller than it used to be and I can still pop into your blog to read your work and say hello. All the best for your trip and move.xx


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